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Kaypro Projects

High Speed Imp v2.46

With my collection of CP/M systems growing, I decided to make my high speed version of IMP platform independent.  I’ve removed the hardware-specific code from the main program but kept the code changes to support baud rate tables up to 115k.  This means you can apply any existing IMP overlay now as long as you sequence your baud steps in this manner: 0=300 1=1200 2=2400, 3=9600, 4=19200, 5=38400, 6=57600, 7=115200 You don’t have to support all of the

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Z80Pack CP/M Emulator and NZ-COM

Z80Pack by Udo Munk is a great CP/M emulator.  It will emulate a number of hardware architectures including the Altair and IMSAI systems, but I primarily use it CP/M development environment.  I can quickly write or edit CP/M programs and on my MacBook and then transfer them over to my Kaypro or Z-100 for testing.  My favorite CP/M 2.2 environment to work in is NZ-COM, also known as Z-System.  NZ-COM is sort of like CP/M on steroids.

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Advent Turbo Rom

Transferring files one a time was getting a little tedious. The Kermit terminal program (there is actually a Kaypro version of Kermit) and QTerm, which also supports the Kermit protocol, both use polling instead of interrupts so I was only seeing around 2400 bps in transfer rates from these programs. It was still convenient to kick off a disk transfer and go get a beer or something instead of manually transferring each file, but it would have

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Kaypro 4-84 Restoration

Fun with the Kaypro 4 I had never really planned on owning a Kaypro 4, but one day I came across a poor neglected little CP/M machine and I just couldn’t let it be taken to the dump. So I decided to take it home and see what I could do with it. The Kaypro-4-84 is a nice little machine. It has a 4 MHz Z80 processor and a Z80 SIO chip with CTC for serial

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