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The Definitive Z-100 Software Archive

After months of 19.2K and 38.4k serial data transfers, I now present to you a Z-100 software and manual archive like no other on the Internet.  The bulk of my Z-100 manuals have been scanned and OCR’d and all 232 5 1/4″ and 8″ disks have been digitally archived for posterity.  Most of this software has never been available online until now.  We’re talking ZDOS, CP/M, CP/M3, CP/M-86 and even Concurrent CP/M software for the Z-100.  See the 00Index.htm files in the various directories for detailed descriptions.  I’ll be converting some of the system disks into ImageDisk format in the near future so people can make their own boot disks (I mainly need to do this for Concurrent CP/M).

A special thanks to Bill Adney for providing the bulk of the software and manuals for this archive.