Z-100 Manuals Scanned and Uploaded

Thanks for giving me time to catch up on my technical journals

Scotty catching up on his technical journals

I’ve finished scanning a batch of the Heath-Zenith technical manuals in my collection, many of which were not previously available online. I’ve also added manuals from other online sources that relate to the Z-100.  What follows is a fairly complete set of manuals that all apply in some way to the Z-100. Some of the manuals will apply to other systems as well but I wanted to make it easy for someone just coming up to speed on the Z-100 to easily access applicable manuals.  The manuals can be downloaded here.

Heath-Zenith Technical Manuals Applicable to the Z-100

CPM MAC Macro Assembler (Digital Research).pdf
CPM_2_2_04_Manual-Volume I-Heath_Zenith_595-2812-OCR.pdf
CPM_2_2_04_Manual-Volume II-Heath-Zenith_595-2816-01-OCR.pdf
CPM-85 Manual – CPM 2 Alteration-OCR.pdf
CPM-85 Manual – Volumes 1 and 2 -1st printing-OCR.pdf
CPM-85 Manual – Winchester Supplement-OCR.pdf
Making Sense of Makebios.pdf
Microsoft Basic-80 (CPM-85)-OCR.pdf
Microsoft Macro-80 Assembler (Heath-Zenith CPM).pdf
Microsoft Macro-80 Assembler Reference Manual (1980).txt
Microsoft Z-Basic (ZDOS) Volume I-OCR.pdf
Microsoft Z-Basic (ZDOS) Volume II-OCR.pdf
Optimizing C86 Compiler (Computer Innovations)-OCR.pdf
REMark Magazine (1-59)
Tandon TM848 8-Inch Disk Drive Service Manual 1982-OCR.pdf
Tandon TM848 8-Inch Disk Drive Specification and Schematic-OCR.pdf
Tandon TM848 8-Inch Disk Drive User Manual 1983-OCR.pdf
Z-100 Programmers Reference Manual-OCR.pdf
Z-100 ROM Listing v1_2.pdf
Z-100 Schematics (585-0018-02).zip
Z-100 Series Disk-Based Diagnostics-OCR.pdf
Z-100 Service Manual (Updated).pdf
Z-100 Survival Kit-OCR.pdf
Z-100 Technical Manual – Appendices-OCR.pdf
Z-100 Technical Manual – Hardware-OCR.pdf
Z-100 User Manual – Winchester Supplement-OCR.pdf
Z-100 User Manual-OCR.pdf
Z-101 Series User Guide -OCR.pdf
Z-207 FDD Controller Barfield Modification-OCR.pdf
Z-207 Floppy Drive Controller Service Manual-OCR.pdf
ZDOS Volume 1-OCR.pdf
ZDOS Volume 2-OCR.pdf
ZDOS Winchester Supplement-OCR.pdf

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