Z-100 Acquired!

Zenith Z-100 PC

My, what big floppies you have!

The Heath-Zenith H/Z-100 PC is a marvel of early 80s computer engineering. First release in September 1982, it contained both an 8085 CPU for CP/M work and an 8088 for IBM compatibility.  I acquired this system from Bill Adney who wrote a number of articles and books for the Z-100 as well as other PCs like the Kaypro.  Bill kept the system is almost perfect working order and also had a treasure trove of original manuals and software that I’m in the process or sorting through right now.  

I will begin posting scans of the manuals and software to the website soon.   I’m really impressed with the versatility of this machine. I’ve been able to boot CP/M 2.2, CP/M-86, CPM 3.0 and MS-DOS. Bill really tricked the system out originally.  The system has 768K of RAM plus 4MB of RAM that the 8088 can address separately.  It also has a 5MB hard drive, two 5 1/4″ DSDD disk drives and two 8″ DSDD disk drives.  All drives except one of the 8″ drives are working perfectly and so far most of the hundreds of 5 1/4″ and 8″ floppy disks appear to have all of their data intact.  This system also has an S-100 bus so I can add additional S-100 cards.  Probably the most important card I need to add is modern S-100 card with an IDE-flash interface like the one pictured here.  The Z-100 is completely documented down to the last IC and should be maintainable for the next 20 years, however, the hard drive will eventually give out and it’s not likely to be repairable. Here are the system specs:

Properties ZDOS/MS-DOS CP/M
Monitor ROM v2.9 v2.9
CPU 8088 8085
OS ZDOS, DOS 3.1, CP/M-86 CP/M 2.2, CP/M 3.0, Concurrent CP/M
RAM 4 MB 768K
Video 64K Color 64K Color


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