Here are links to other interesting vintage technology websites:

General Vintage Computing

CP/M-Specific Sites

Apple II Sites

  • A2Central – Great site for what’s happening in the Apple II community right now.
  • ADTPro – Software application for transferring disk images to/from your Apple II from a modern PC. Works on just about any OS.
  • Underground //e – Lots of really cool Apple II projects like the Essential Data Duplicator (mostly in French so link is through Google Translate)
  • Apple Logic – Lots of scanned Apple manuals
  • Brutal Deluxe – Group of still active Apple II programmers who are always releasing interesting stuff
  • 6502 Lane – Apple blog
  • Virtual ][ – The best dang Apple II emulator out there – OSX only.

Kaypro Sites

  • MICROCode Consulting – Authors of the KayPLUS ROM and QP/M which are both good CP/M replacement modules

Heath-Zenith Z-100 Sites

  • Z-100 Lifeline – Great site that helped me get my Z-100 up and running
  • Z-100 Repairs – Some good info on repairing a Z-100
  • SEBHC – Site dedicated to Heath-Zenith systems like the Z-100, H-8 and H-89

Miscellaneous Vintage Sites

  • MightyFrame – Interesting information on some 80’s era Sys V mainframes
  • Unix: Old School – How to emulate original UNIX on a Raspberry Pi using SIMH
  • SIMH – Good emulator for emulating older VAX, PDP and UNIX systems
  • – All of those great G-Philes preserved!